North Vancouver seeking good Samaritan in connection with police foot pursuit

NORTH Vancouver RCMP are requesting a good Samaritan come forward after they helped capture a suspect during a foot pursuit last week.

On March 1, officers were alerted to a fraud in progress at a local car dealership. It is alleged that four individuals were attempting to purchase a vehicle fraudulently and set a time in the afternoon to pick it up.

Officers attended the scene with the intention of arresting the suspects involved. Three of the suspects were arrested without incident at the dealership, but one fled from police which initiated a foot pursuit.

During this pursuit, the officer lost sight of the suspect, but a good Samaritan assisted the officer by providing them a ride to the last known location of the suspect. Upon arrival, the suspect was arrested and taken into custody.

“In this instance, this good Samaritan’s actions directly led to the arrest of a suspect who might’ve escaped otherwise,” said Constable Mansoor Sahak on Wednesday. “We’d like to extended our sincere appreciation for this person’s actions and are asking them to come forward by calling us at (604)-985-1311 and quote file #23-4003.”


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