Omar Christian Maybaum charged in drive-thru incident in Surrey

CHARGES have been laid against a 31-year-old man in relation to an incident that occurred in a Panorama drive-thru in the 15200-block of 56 Avenue of Surrey on February 5.

The incident which involved a man berating drive-thru staff was captured on camera and widely shared on social media.

Surrey RCMP frontline officers were able to identify an alleged suspect through their investigation and a report was submitted to BC Prosecution Service recommending charges.

On May 3, Omar Christian Maybaum was charged with assault and causing a disturbance. An endorsed warrant was issued for his arrest.

On May 24, Maybaum was arrested and released on conditions while he awaits his first court appearance. The conditions include:

* No direct or indirect contact with the victim;
* Not to attend 15255 56 Avenue; and
* Not to possess any weapons