OPINION: Premier Eby’s first 50 days


MLA for Richmond-Queensborough


THIS week marks 50 days with David Eby as our Premier, and I know the positive impacts are already being felt in people’s lives across British Columbia.

Last week, the new Affordability Credit landed in people’s bank accounts. With as much as $410 going to families in B.C., this will make a difference when it comes to people being able to afford their groceries and bills.

In December, child care costs for families were reduced again – by as much as $550 per month for each child. Saving families over $5,000 per year helps take pressure off parents, so they can pursue their career or education goals while knowing their child care fees are affordable.

Additionally, we credited $100 to BC Hydro customers to help people heat their homes in the colder months, and we recently froze ICBC Basic Rates for two years.

We have also introduced new legislation to increase the housing supply across the province, putting an end to restrictions on rentals that were leaving units empty.

We are also listening to British Columbians about their safety concerns within their communities. That is why we are enhancing support for police teams across the province to strengthen their capacity to keep people safe.

Healthcare remains one of the top issues that I hear about from people, and it’s one of our top priorities. We’re building new hospitals, a new medical school in Surrey, and signing a new deal to recruit and retain more family doctors.

This week, Premier Eby announced another important step that will get more nurses working in B.C., faster. Effective immediately, our government will cover the costs, up front, for internationally-trained nurses to work here – anywhere in the province. By reducing the accreditation time of nurses from three years to 4-9 months, these qualified nurses can start working quicker.

In the last 50 days, we’ve taken huge strides to deliver results to people in B.C. where they need it most. And we’re just getting started.

As we enter a new year, we are continuing to focus on helping people with the cost of living, ensuring people feel safe in their communities, and taking action to improve our healthcare system, all while building a strong sustainable economy.








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