Parents urged to mark Punjabi as second language of choice in Surrey School Board survey

Sadhu Binning

THE Punjabi Language Education Association (PLEA) says that the Surrey School District is sending a survey form home with grades 2, 3 and 4 students of its elementary schools starting Monday, October 2. The survey is designed to determine interest in second languages in Surrey’s public schools. The completed survey form must be returned to the schools by Friday, October 13.

PLEA notes that Punjabi is one of several languages approved by the BC Ministry of Education. Learning a second language from grades 5 through 8 is compulsory and optional from 9 to 12.

PLEA is urging parents / guardians to mark Punjabi as the second language of their choice and return the completed form to their children’s school as soon as possible.

PLEA points out: “Punjabi has now become the language of employment for our youth and professionals. Furthermore, it connects our children and youth with their heritage/roots. Moreover, learning another language broadens a person’s horizons and enhances and cognitive ability. We live in a global village. As such, learning Punjabi can be a great asset for our children / youth in their future endeavours such as trade and tourism etc. Now is the time to emphasize the importance of our mother tongue Punjabi and create pride for it amongst our children and youth. Now is the time to make a significant contribution in this area. As such, PLEA asks the parents to get actively involved in this process.”

For any further information they should feel free to contact Sadhu Binning at 778-773-1886 or Balwant Sanghera at 604-836-8976.