Peter Fassbender to handle Translink


Peter Fassbender Photo by Chandra Bodalia

PETER Fassbender is now Minister Responsible for Translink. He will also be Minister of Community, Sport, Cultural Development.

Premier Christy Clark announced changes in cabinet responsibilities on Thursday.

Coralee Oakes is Minister of Small Business, Red-Tape Reduction and Minister Responsible for the Liquor Distribution Branch.

Naomi Yamamoto is Minister of State for Emergency Preparedness, which will now be in the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Mike Bernier is Minister of Education.

“Today’s changes are about making sure British Columbians in every region benefit from our plan to create jobs by growing our strong and diverse economy,” said Clark. “We have the opportunity now to build on a record of student achievement with long-term labour

Mike Bernier
Mike Bernier

peace in place, to strengthen our support for small business, which is the backbone of our economy, to work together with communities to prepare for the future, and to put in place a plan to prevent and manage emergencies or natural disasters so that our province can recover with our future secured.”

As well, Clark has made changes to parliamentary secretaries. Jordan Sturdy is now Parliamentary Secretary for Energy Literacy and the Environment for Minister of Environment Mary Polak. Sturdy also will chair the Climate Leadership Panel.