Phinder Dulai’s book of poems “dream / arteries” to be released September 27



HEADLINES PHINDER Dulai_Phinder_2014PHINDER Dulai, Vancouver-based poet Phinder Dulai’s third book of poems – (Talonbooks) – is being released on September 27. His previous books were Ragas from the Periphery (Arsenal Pulp Press, 1995) and Basmati Brown (Nightwood Editions, 2000).

The book’s launch is at the Surrey Art Gallery at 5 p.m.

Dulai states: “The book of poems takes a unique approach to the Komagata Maru story and specifically I explore the record of the ship in its nautical history and as a metaphor for exploring themes of journey, exile, settlement and the history of modern migration to the new world. The shift moves the story into a broader migrant story’s timeline.

“I also sourced the ship imagery when it was under two different names SS Stubbenhuk and the SS Sicillia; the ship records are located at the Ellis Island site and record site. I also sourced two early photos of the ship from the early 1890s from Ellis Island and from the German Maritime Museum. These archival sources and exploring the archives serve as a key aspect of the book. The ship made trips to New York, Montreal and other stops over a 26-year nautical history through the great migratory period between 1890 to 1914.”


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