Province asks wildfire evacuees to continue to heed evacuation orders and alerts

THE Province asks wildfire evacuees to continue to heed evacuation orders and alerts, and thanks communities outside fire zones that are hosting affected individuals, pets and livestock.

While thick smoke appears to be clearing in some areas, the wildfire situation remains dynamic. Residents and other evacuees are urged to wait until they receive official notice from their local authority that it is safe to return home. Local officials will not keep people out any longer than is absolutely necessary – but public safety is and must remain the top priority.

Wildfire crews remain focused on protecting communities, infrastructure and natural resources. Violating an evacuation order can detract from these vital, ongoing efforts if first responders need to divert resources to rescue people who’ve chosen to stay behind.

As well, RCMP officers continue their work to prevent access to non-essential workers and services in evacuated zones, and have personnel in place at checkpoints to ensure that access protocols are observed by incoming vehicles.

Evacuees are reminded to register, if they have not already done so:

  • At an evacuation centre, which can help your family and loved ones to get in touch or reunite with you. A list of evacuation centre locations is maintained at: (click on “What to do if evacuated”), and
  • With the Canadian Red Cross, even if you do not immediately require aid. Registering allows the Red Cross to contact you directly as more information and assistance becomes available. To register, please contact the Canadian Red Cross at 1 800 863-6582 or online at:

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