Province of BC proclaims April 2023 as Dalit History Month

THE Province has proclaimed April as Dalit History Month.

The proclamation notes that British Columbia is a culturally diverse province comprising many peoples and communities, and that Indigenous people, Black people and people of colour in the province continue to experience systemic racism, injustices, discrimination and hate.

It asserts that the government of British Columbia is committed to addressing all forms of racism and discrimination.

The proclamation then notes that “April is a significant month for Dalit communities, and this special month includes birth and death anniversaries of important Dalit leaders and social reformers in the movement against systemic discrimination based on caste, such as Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Jyotirao Phule, Mangu Ram Mugowalia and Sant Ram Udasi.”

It adds that “the government of British Columbia acknowledges the strength and resiliency of the Dalit community in overcoming hardships and advocating for social justice and equality for all” and says that “Dalit History Month is an opportunity to honour, celebrate and reflect on the history, experiences and accomplishments of the Dalit community.”

The proclamation then declares that “April 2023 shall be known as “Dalit History Month” in the Province of British Columbia.”