‘Ramadan Mubarak’ from Prime Minister Trudeau and other leaders

PRIME Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday issued the following statement on Ramadan:

“Tomorrow, Muslims in Canada and around the world will mark the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

“Ramadan falls during the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, officially beginning and ending with the appearance of the crescent moon. This is a time of spiritual contemplation, fasting, prayer, and charitable giving for Muslims, who will gather with family and friends in the evening to break their day-long fast with iftar. The meal follows the sunset prayer and offers an opportunity to reflect on the values of compassion, gratitude, and generosity at the heart of Ramadan.

“As we mark the start of Ramadan, I join all Canadians in celebrating the ongoing contributions of Muslim communities to our vibrant and diverse national fabric.

“On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish all those celebrating a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.

“رمضان مبارك

“Ramadan Mubarak.”


David Eby
Photo: BC Government

PREMIER David Eby issued the following statement:

“As the sun sets tonight, Muslims throughout British Columbia and around the world will start observing Ramadan.

“This sacred month is a time for spiritual reflection, personal sacrifice and community service.

“Over the coming weeks, family and friends will gather to devote themselves to their faith, fast during the daytime and break the fast at ‘iftar,’ after sunset.

“Generosity and charity are at the heart of Ramadan, with many people giving back to their communities through ‘zakat’ and volunteerism.

“Ramadan is a time to celebrate the significant contributions Muslims make to our province and to renew our collective commitment to condemning Islamophobia. Hate and discrimination have no place in British Columbia.

“I encourage everyone to spend some time getting to know their Muslim neighbours and learning more about their faith and community.

“On behalf of the Government of British Columbia, I wish everyone observing this holy month a happy and peaceful Ramadan.

“Ramadan Mubarak!”


Pierre Poilievre
Photo: Twitter

CONSERVATIVE Leader Pierre Poilievre said in a statement::

“As the sun sets tonight, Muslims in Canada and around the world will be gathering with friends and family to mark the beginning of Ramadan.

“From the time of Suhoor until Iftar, Muslims fast and abstain from all food and water. For the over a million Canadian Muslims, this holy month is a time of deep spiritual reflection and growth as they make significant adjustments to their daily rhythms and routines out of submission and faithfulness to God.

“Even as they persevere through the physical and mental challenges that come with fasting, they pursue acts of charity and compassion for those suffering and exercise habits of restraint and self-sacrifice in obedience to the instructions found in the Quran. Many worshipers attend special prayer services and commit themselves to deepening their faith.

“These acts of obedience, born out of overflowing gratitude of God’s goodness, exemplify the profound nature of Ramadan. They exemplify the values of peace and selflessness that are central to Islam and amplify the message of God’s love for all people.

“Of course, Ramadan is also a time to celebrate the many gifts God has blessed us with. Throughout the month, families and friends will come together with joyful hearts as they break their fast with the nightly Iftar and take comfort in times of spiritual fellowship.

“To Muslims here in Canada and around the world, as you observe Ramadan this year, please accept my best wishes. May your celebrations be filled with joy and peace as you worship together.

“Ramadan Mubarak.”


Jagmeet Singh
Official photo

FEDERAL NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh issued the following statement:

“Today, Muslims in Canada and around the world prepare to welcome the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

This month of fasting from sunrise to sunset is also a time for spiritual renewal, generosity, kindness, and prayer.

This is a time for families, neighbours and communities across Canada to gather for iftar, the breaking of the fast, and reconnect with each other. For Muslims, Ramadan is the month of conviviality and sharing.

On behalf of all New Democrats, I wish all Muslim Canadians a peaceful month with family, friends and loved ones. May this Ramadan inspire us all to build a better country and world that is more just and compassionate.

Ramadan kareem!”

Kevin Falcon
Photo: BC Liberals

BC Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon released the following statement:

“Tonight we mark the start of Ramadan, an important month of prayer and fasting for Muslims here in British Columbia and across the world.

“For Muslims, this ninth month of the Islamic calendar is a time for spiritual reflection and community where family and friends not only gather to pray, but to collectively give back to their communities through volunteering and zakat.

“Those values played a crucial role in our response to COVID-19 as Muslim communities throughout B.C. stepped up during the pandemic to help others through charitable efforts in a myriad of important and meaningful ways.

“With iftar and other important gatherings taking place in person once again here in B.C., I want to wish all those observing this holy month a blessed time of reflection.

“On behalf of the entire BC Liberal team, I want to send the Muslim community here in British Columbia our warmest wishes for peace and happiness during this sacred month.

“Ramadan Mubarak!”