RCMP modernizing their uniform

The prototype shirts.

THE RCMP say they are modernizing their uniform.

RCMP officers from across Canada will be trialing new duty shirts each month over the next six months, from June to December.

Look out for the prototype shirts (see photo) throughout the trial phase.

The RCMP say that modernization is a key priority for the RCMP, and that includes their uniform. “It’s important that our members have professional, comfortable, and high-performing uniforms that are inclusive of the diverse needs of all who wear them,” they add.

In 2019, the RCMP surveyed frontline members to seek their opinions on how the uniform works for them and what changes they would like to see to make them more effective. They also examined many submissions to the RCMP Innovation Inbox, where one fifth of all employee suggestions were related to uniform and equipment.

Then the RCMP used employee feedback from the survey and other means to improve the RCMP’s uniform and equipment, with a focus on inclusion and innovation.

Last October, the RCMP said: “We need our RCMP uniform to function for all the people who wear it. We don’t want anyone to arrive in our organization and encounter uniform or equipment that has clearly been designed with someone else in mind.

“Our members have asked us to ensure pants, shirts and protective equipment fit properly, are more comfortable, and can be easily cared for to ensure a professional look and enhanced safety.

“The uniform must also meet the needs of a diverse organization. This has meant updating grooming policies (like allowing beards), and enhancing the uniform to include a wider variety of items, like the dastaar, patka and hijab. It also means ensuring we have the personal protective equipment that safely integrates with these items.”