Restarting Surrey City Development Corporation

MICHAEL Heeney’s appointment to the position of Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of Surrey City Development Corporation (SCDC), effective April 17, was announced by the City of Surrey on Friday.

The City said in a press release that the appointment was made during Closed Council on April 3, when Council also approved directors on the board of SCDC, effective May 1. The directors include Howard Nemtin, Bruce Joyce, Christine Lundvall, Scott Dutchak, Sukhi Sekhon. City Manager Vincent Lalonde and Director of Strategic Initiatives Jeff Arason have been appointed as City Directors.

“I look forward to restarting the Surrey City Development Corporation,” said Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke. “SCDC’s model is unique and has had success in kickstarting investment in the City Centre area. In its second iteration, I hope to see SCDC continue to innovate, continue to spur and attract investment and focus on creating new and diverse housing options in Surrey. I welcome Michael back as Interim President and welcome the new Board. I look forward to the meaningful work SCDC will undertake this term.”

During its Regular Council Meeting on November 28, 2022, Council moved to restart SCDC and directed staff to prepare a report outlining options for re-operationalizing the for-profit development company. A Council resolution in 2020 had directed staff to dissolve SCDC.

SCDC was formed with its own management team and board of directors in 2007 to optimize the value of surplus city-owned lands. SCDC is a for-profit entity whose mandate is to develop City-owned surplus lands in ways that advance the City into a more modern and complete community. The City of Surrey has been the sole shareholder of SCDC.