Sukh Dhaliwal totally thrashes Randeep Sarai in Surrey-Newton by 4,561 votes to 2,221 votes

Sukh Dhaliwal
Sukh Dhaliwal

SUKH Dhaliwal thrashed the living daylights out of Randeep Sarai at Saturday’s federal Liberal nomination for Surrey-Newton, thus totally humiliating the World Sikh Organization-associated individuals who were backing Sarai.

Dhaliwal, who acted with quiet dignity as compared to Sarai’s pushy methods that put off decent people, garnered 4,561 votes, while Sarai with all the backing of people like Prem Vinning and his group managed just 2,221 votes – thus totally exposing the so-called kingmakers whom people are now openly mocking.

I had predicted a backlash in this riding after the scandalous manner in which these WSO types influenced matters in Vancouver South riding where businessman Barj Dhahan was forced to step down in favour of Lt-Col. (retired) Harjit Singh Sajjan, whose father Kundan Sajjan and political backer Prem Vinning are well connected to the World Sikh Organization.

As I noted in an earlier write-up, although the WSO made it clear in a press release on Thursday that it “does not, as a matter of policy, endorse or support any specific political party or individual candidates” and so on, the fact remains that one of its most prominent members, Vinning, is a well-known political fixer who is not exactly popular.

Dhaliwal was MP for Newton-North Delta from 2006 to 2011 until he lost to NDP’s Jinny Sims.




  1. Dear Sukh Dhaliwal Saheb,
    Assalam o Alakum

    Congratulations. May Allah enable you to serve humanity more than before.

    Muhammad Masood Iqbal

  2. Congratulations Sukh. End of the day, the better man won. I was surprised to see Sarai even run, given his past law society issues.

  3. Shows how little influence the WSO and Prem ‘Peter’ Vinning have when there is a real nomination. Anybody getting the backing of Vinning should think twice.

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