Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling a victory for working women: Canadian Labour Congress

BEA Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress, reacting to the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in favour of pay equity rights for registered nurses, said on Friday in a statement: “Canada’s unions welcome the decision by the Supreme Court of Canada to uphold the pay equity rights of registered nurses working in for-profit nursing homes. This victory came on the heels of a hard-fought 15-year battle by the Ontario Nurses Association (ONA).”

He said: “Canada’s unions extend our congratulations and thanks to the ONA and all the hard-working activists whose resilience and persistence made this win possible. Sometimes the road to progress is long, but this victory is another sign that working people, together, can accomplish so much.”

Bruske added: “The Ontario government never should have appealed this to the Supreme Court in the first place, but now that the Supreme Court has ruled, these nurses will begin to see fairer wages. It is a good day for working women.”