Surrey Council approves partnering and lease agreement with BC Lions

SURREY City Council on Monday approved a new partnering and lease agreement with the BC Lions to enable the club to continue their football operations in the City, including its head office, training facility and countless community service initiatives.

“I am pleased to be able to continue the City’s relationship with the BC Lions through this partnering and lease agreement,” said Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum.

“The Lions’ long-standing community service contributions are invaluable in Surrey. Our City is made stronger through the countless programs the Lions run, including their ‘Be More Than a Bystander’ initiative that raises awareness of gender-based violence, their at-risk youth and outreach programs and their ‘Energy Champion’ program that encourages interest in the environment.”

McCallum added: “I thank the BC Lions for their ongoing commitment and dedication to the City of Surrey and look forward to continuing our partnership.”


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