Surrey RCMP investigating multiple break and enters!


SURREY RCMP say they are investigating a very, very suspicious circumstance from overnight (December 24-25).

They are seeking the assistance from the community of Surrey with identifying a suspect in multiple break and enters to houses.

Surrey RCMP have received hundreds of reports from residents about a male subject that entered their home overnight. The modus operandi for the male seemed to be the same for each home. Victims are saying that the male is simply entering the home leaving packages and eating several cookies and drinking milk. Several homes have video surveillance which was able to capture a blurry red image. A review of some video shows the person primarily enter the homes through chimneys, however, he used other methods for homes without a chimney. The male was reported to leave a complete mess due to wearing dirty boots in the homes and apparently eating in a hurry.

A large number of homes sustained some damage to their roofs from some sort of a apparatus which did not seem to have wheels. Police are uncertain at this time as to how the apparatus ended up on the roof of the homes. Police have seized evidence which supports that a small number of animals were gathering at each of the homes that were victimized.

RCMP forensic video unit has been able to enhance some of the video, which provided police with a basic description of the male. He is approximately 5ft 8in tall, white hair and beard, dressed in all red. There was no other forensic evidence left behind as the male was wearing gloves.

Surrey RCMP are asking that anyone with information about this string of break ins to call them with information. Additionally, if anyone has experienced muddy floors, a number of missing cookies and unaccounted for parcels left behind please contact police to report this incident.