Surrey prepares to brighten the community with festive lights

THE City of Surrey’s Light Where You Live campaign will kick off on Saturday. To help brighten Surrey during the holiday season, the Light Where You Live campaign encourages residents and business to put up seasonal lights around their homes and businesses.

Each year, City staff install over 1,500 strings of lights and over 800 street pole mounted light features throughout Surrey, while residents and business owners also take the time to decorate their neighbourhoods with pride. It is this combined effort that helps make Surrey a thriving and vibrant community, says the City.    

“I invite Surrey residents and businesses to add to the Holiday spirit by taking part in the Light Where You Live campaign,” said Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum on Friday. “Each year Surrey residents and business owners brighten their street with holiday light displays. This year, we hope to make this holiday season even brighter by having more Surrey residents and businesses join our annual campaign.”  

The Light Where You Live campaign kicks off on the same day as the Surrey Tree Lighting Festival and will end the first Saturday of the new year. Lights are installed in all town centres including Newton, Guilford, South Surrey, Fleetwood, City Centre and Cloverdale and in other high traffic areas like along Scott Road. The City of Surrey uses LED lights which can last up to 10-15 years to reduce waste and energy use.    

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