Surrey RCMP Assistant Commissioner: “Our main focus will remain on public and police officer safety”

ASSISTANT Commissioner Brian Edwards, Surrey RCMP Officer in Charge, on Friday issued the following statement:


TODAY, BC’s Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth made an announcement on the future of policing in Surrey, issuing a report, and releasing the findings publically.

The Minister confirmed that the City of Surrey will ultimately be able to decide to either continue with the transition or retain the RCMP, under certain conditions from the Minister.

We were all hoping for clarity today on a long awaited decision on the future of policing in Surrey, but will stand by and await further direction from the City.

In speaking with Mayor [Brenda] Locke, she has confirmed the City will be reviewing the report and recommendations released today to confirm their next steps. She also indicated her support of retaining the RCMP in Surrey.

I remain fully committed and confident in the RCMP’s ability to provide excellent, community-focused policing to the City of Surrey now and into the future. The RCMP has improved public safety and driven down crime over many years, including a 14% decrease in violent crime in the first quarter of 2023.

As I’ve stated throughout the policing transition, our main focus will remain on public and police officer safety, and the continuity of policing services as we work through these next steps.

I remain exceptionally proud to lead an exceptional team of officers, both RCMP and SPS, alongside all our employees who carry out their duties each and every day with compassion and professionalism.