Three Surrey shootings on Tuesday involving South Asians believed to be linked, two injured. Fourth shooting on Wednesday

SURREY RCMP General Investigation Unit and Serious Crime Section are actively involved in gathering evidence connected to three shootings that have occurred in a 19-hour time frame.  All of the shootings are thought at this time to be targeted and linked to one another. They involve South Asians.

On March 10 (Tuesday), at about 4 a.m., Surrey RCMP were advised of a male that had been dropped off at a local hospital suffering of gunshot injuries.  Police attended the hospital and obtained the victims’ details. Investigators are continuing to gather information from the victim.  At that time police were unable to find where the 20-year-old Surrey man had been injured.  The man was treated and released from hospital.

Later on Tuesday, at about 5:50 p.m., police located a vehicle that had apparently ben abandoned and bore the evidence of being involved in a shooting.  Police seized the vehicle taking into consideration that the vehicle may be linked to the earlier shooting.

About an hour later, at 6:45 p.m., Surrey RCMP were advised by the British Columbia Ambulance Service that they were on route to a shooting with a male victim in the area of 127th Street and 78th Avenue. The victim, a 20-year-old Surrey man, was transported to a local area trauma hospital where he was treated for his injuries and later released.

Finally, at 11 p.m. on Tuesday, Surrey RCMP received several reports of gunshots heard in the area of 128th Street and 76th Avenue. Police immediately attended the area and it was apparent that all those involved had left.  Police were told by witnesses that four dark-colored vehicles were seen departing the area at a high rate of speed immediately after the sounds of gunshots.  Police were able to recover some evidence from this final location.

A fourth shooting took place on Wednesday at about 1:30 p.m. near 132nd Street and 80th Avenue, just an hour after Surrey RCMP emailed the above news to media. Police recovered some shell casings at the scene but found no victims or suspects or their vehicles. There was a report of a white SUV chasing a black vehicle and shots being fired from the SUV.


SOURCES in the community tell the VOICE that all those involved are young South Asian males who mistakenly think that shooting is cool over petty disputes such as those involving females.

If this is true, then Surrey seems to be headed the way of Vancouver’s South Slope and Abbotsford where young South Asian groups have been going after each other as reported in this newspaper over the past year.

The community should cooperate with the police to stop this madness.


SURREY RCMP General Investigation Unit and Serious Crime section feel that all of these incidents are targeted and linked to one another. Priority tasks for investigators are to get back into the community to seek out additional evidence in the way of video, speaking to neighbours and other witnesses.   Surrey RCMP Crime Analyst unit are reviewing files to gather information that will develop a profile for investigators.  The Forensic Investigation Unit is pouring over the evidence gathered to date to obtain samples and other evidence to send to the lab for further analysis and the Surrey RCMP Gang Enforcement Team is being brought into the fold to determine whether this has any ties to gang activity.

“This type of activity is deeply concerning to the Surrey RCMP and the community,” said Sgt. Dale Carr. “We are urging anyone with information regarding these shootings to come forward, it is imperative that you do, before someone else is seriously injured or killed.”

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