Trudeau must answer for alleged PMO interference: Scheer

Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau.

CONSERVATIVE Party Leader Andrew Scheer on Thursday demanded that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must come clean about reports that the Prime Minister’s Office attempted to press then-Attorney General Wilson-Raybould to intervene in a criminal prosecution.

Scheer said in a statement: “The reports in the Globe and Mail today relating to PMO interference in a criminal prosecution are incredibly disturbing.

“What’s perhaps even more shocking, however, is that the Prime Minister himself appears to have fired his Attorney General for refusing to bow to his demands.

“We have seen this elsewhere on the world stage – when leaders dismiss their Attorneys General for defying their orders.

“The Prime Minister must immediately come clean to Canadians about what he knew about this case and when he knew it. Nothing short of full disclosure is acceptable.

“The Prime Minister’s carefully crafted and legally vetted answers today fell far short.

“If he continues to fail to be transparent with Canadians, Conservatives will make every effort and explore every option to make sure Justin Trudeau and his office are held accountable. Canadians deserve answers.”