UCMAS students strive to excel at the 2nd Annual BC UCMAS Math Competition

Photos by Chandra Bodalia
Photos by Chandra Bodalia


UCMAS Mental Math presents a plaque to VOICE photographer Chandra Bodalia in appreciation for this newspaper's support.
UCMAS Mental Math officials present a plaque to VOICE photographer Chandra Bodalia (2nd from left) in appreciation of this newspaper’s support.

UCMAS Mental Math, provider of the leading North American educational program in Abacus and Mental Math for children, conducted its 2nd Annual BC UCMAS Mental Math and Abacus Competition on April 26 at the Bollywood Banquet Hall in Surrey. Over 400 UCMAS parents and children from the four BC centres in Surrey, Vancouver and Richmond were on hand to congratulate the UCMAS Math Competition award recipients.

At the competition which took place earlier that day, over 250 UCMAS Mental Math students aged 4 to 13 were challenged to solve 100-200 arithmetic questions in just eight minutes using only mental math or their abacus. The competition tests the UCMAS students’ speed and accuracy and demonstrates their cognitive powers in focus, memory and problem-solving.

“The kids take pride in participating in the competition and the award ceremony, as it offers them the opportunity to showcase the skills they have mastered in the UCMAS program”, said Rashmi Mehta, Director at the BC UCMAS Provincial Office. “UCMAS parents have observed that the competition provides a friendly rivalry that teaches their kids the value of dedication, determination and the ability to excel when they apply and stretch themselves.”

UCMAS BC awarded prizes to the top finalist competing and the highest honours were given to the champions who attained the top scores within their UCMAS category in the mental math examination. The UCMAS program isn’t just about math. UCMAS Mental Math is a child development program that boosts brainpower by training kids in mental visualization using the abacus and mental math. Manipulating the beads of the Abacus helps children develop an ease and fluency with numbers and more importantly they gain a new perspective on problem solving as they learn to think in pictures. UCMAS students show remarkable development in areas such as visual memory, concentration, creativity and multi-tasking which leads to overall academic achievement.


UCMAS Canada Inc. offers UCMAS (Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System) Mental Math program for children aged 4 to 13 through 53 centres located in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. UCMAS is the leading provider of Mental Math and Abacus education in North America. Established in Canada in 2004, it was pioneered in 1993 in Asia and has since grown to 5,500 centres worldwide in countries such as the United States, Great Britain, Spain, Australia, India, China and Malaysia. The UCMAS program helps boost brainpower by teaching kids to perform mental math using the abacus in a way that children find engaging and instructive. Described as “Mental Aerobics”, the UCMAS program improves the child’s focus, creativity and memory, leads to proficiency in math and enhances overall academic achievement. Over two million children worldwide have been trained on UCMAS Mental Math.

For more information, visit www.ucmas.ca.