United Truckers’ Association calls on new Surrey and Delta mayors to live up to commitments

Truck parking plans submitted during the election campaign must now be enacted


FOLLOWING the electoral victories of mayoral candidates Doug McCallum in Surrey and George Harvie in Delta, the United Truckers’ Association (UTA) says it is anxious to begin work on the fulfillment of the truck parking plans submitted by each candidate during the election campaign.

Due to the efforts of the UTA, this was the first municipal electoral campaign where truck parking became an issue that produced defined policy proposals in writing.

In the case of mayor-elect Harvie, the UTA says a meeting has been promised and action without need for further studies is forthcoming. More specifically, two sites for truck parking facilities have been forwarded, and the UTA is anxious to flesh out next steps with Harvie and his team.

For mayor-elect McCallum, a task force has been promised to convene in order to provide recommendations for action within six months of assuming office. The UTA says it expects to have more details fleshed out in a face-to-face meeting with McCallum before the end of the year.

Both of these new leaders have also committed to facing the UTA’s membership and other trucking stakeholders in an upcoming meeting on December 9, according to UTA spokesperson Gagan Singh.

“This meeting has been convened based on the newly elected mayors and Council members showing up to provide more detail about their specific policy proposals,” says Singh. “Unlike past elections where vague promises were often dropped following the election campaign, the UTA has these commitments in writing, and we intend to hold those who made such promises to account.”

The UTA will provide additional details about the upcoming December meeting on its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/unitedtruckers