US has discussed concerns with India after its abstention on UNSC vote: Spokesperson

New York (IANS): The US has discussed its concerns with India in the aftermath of its abstaining on the United Nations Security Council vote censuring Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and has regular engagement with it, according to State Department Spokesperson Ned Price.

Asked at his daily briefing on Monday about India and the United Arab Emirates abstaining on the Council vote, he said, “We have regular engagement with our Indian partners. We have regular engagement with our Emirati partners. We have regular engagement with our European allies and our European partners. So at every level in multiple fora we have had discussions about this.”

When a Reuters reporter asked him, “Are you heartened and gratified by India abstaining and UAE abstaining?” he responded, “Rather than focus on specific countries, we have heard …,” but was cut off in mid-sentence by the reporter who said: “They are like US allies”.

Price continued: “Of course, we have a very close relationship with India. We have discussed our concerns, our shared concerns.”

Earlier, when another reporter tried to get Price to speak specifically about countries that did not vote for the resolution or co-sponsor it, he skirted the question and focused instead on the support the U.S. got: “We are comfortable, we are heartened, we are gratified by the fact that the world, the international community, has stood up to speak loudly and clearly in defense of Ukraine’s sovereignty, its independence, its territorial integrity.”