City of Vancouver by-election: 28 candidates file for 10 elected positions

A total of 28 candidates have filed their nomination papers to run in the October 14 by-election. The nomination period closed at 4 p.m. on Friday.
The 2017 by-election will elect one city councillor and nine school trustees.

The following candidates submitted nomination papers:

Candidates for councillor
(One to be elected)

CARDONA, Diego (Vision Vancouver)
DUNSDON, Mary Jean “Watermelon” (Sensible Vancouver)
FRY, Pete (Green Party)
GRAVES, Judy (OneCity)
LEE, Gary
MURPHY, Damian J.

Candidates for school trustee
(Nine to be elected)

ALEXANDER, Joy (Vision Vancouver)
ARNOLD, Christine
BERCIC, Carrie (OneCity)
CLEMENT, Ken (Vision Vancouver)
DAY, Diana (COPE)
FRASER, Janet (Green Party)
GONZALEZ, Estrellita (Green Party)
HAMILTON, Jamie Lee (IDEA Vancouver)
JAAF, Erica (OneCity)
LAMB, Theodora (Vision Vancouver)
LOMBARDI, Mike (Vision Vancouver)
PRIETO, Julian (NPA)
RICHARDSON, Christopher JK (NPA)
WONG, Allan (Vision Vancouver)
ZAICHKOWSKY, Judy (Green Party)

Challenges and withdrawals

The deadline to challenge a candidate nomination or elector organization endorsement is 4 p.m. on September 12.
Candidates can withdraw their nomination or have their endorsement by the elector organization withdrawn until 4 p.m. on September 15.


When candidate documents and forms will be made available

Candidate nomination documents are available on the City’s website, and will be available for public inspection in the City Clerk’s office on Monday, September 11.

Candidate profiles will be available on the City’s website (<>) on September 21.

Previous by-elections

By-elections are very rare in Vancouver. The last one was in 1992, when then Councillor Bruce Yorke of COPE resigned due to ill health. The NPA’s Lynne Kennedy won the seat.
Yorke gained his Council seat in 1985 in another by-election, beating Phillip Owen to win a place on Council.
Over its more than 125-year history, Vancouver City Council has had just 16 by-elections.