VOICE Column: ME THINKS! Commentary and analysis


(Friday, April 2)

THERE she was whimpering once again on TV on Friday – faithfully obeying her RCMP masters who have kept feeding her information to sabotage the Surrey Police Service. She is Surrey Councillor Brenda Locke who along with former RCMP officer, Surrey Councillor Jack Hundial, conveniently used then-former mayor Doug McCallum’s Safe Surrey Coalition to get elected as councillors and then conveniently ditched it.

Locke and Hundial have been supported by certain white nationalist journalists in mainstream media who are also RCMP poodles and who have made it their mission to sabotage the Surrey Police Force even though the democratic will of Surrey-ites as shown by results on this issue in the municipal election and then the provincial election is to replace the RCMP with a municipal police force. These are the same unprincipled journalists who, of course, didn’t report the fact that the ‘Keep the RCMP in Surrey’ was shamelessly using the official RCMP logo in their campaign till the South Asian media exposed it and forced then to drop it. There was not a word on this from Locke and Hundial who are always so self-righteous.

Now the RCMP and their poodles know that their false propaganda that consisted of lies, half-lies and distortions – including blatant racism against the South Asians in Surrey (remember they called it the “Delhi Police” of “taxi drivers”?) – has all been in vain as the Surrey Police Force has been steadily recruiting officers, many of them senior, respected RCMP officers.

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum (2nd from left) with (L-R) Councillors Allison Patton, Laurie Guerra, Mandeep Nagra and Doug Elford with the Surrey Police cruiser that was unveiled in 2019.

But they are still desperately trying to defame the new police force. The RCMP in sheer revenge this week leaked out something about one of the newly appointed inspectors – who was in the RCMP – just to embarrass the Surrey Police Service, using Locke to speak to the biased section of mainstream media that has been going after Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum and the new police force like rabid street dogs. Inspector Jeff Metcalfe had a 90-day driving prohibition for being impaired behind the wheel. But the SPS spokesperson noted: “Inspector Metcalfe made full disclosure of the circumstances and has taken complete responsibility for his actions. The Surrey Police is more than satisfied that Inspector Metcalfe will make a strong contribution to the Surrey Police team and appreciates his candor during the interview & hiring process and look forward to welcoming him in May and benefitting from his 24 years of policing service.”

The pro-RCMP forces have been getting increasingly desperate as they see that all their barking has not undone the democratic process of establishing the new police force. The mainstream media keeps hurting its own credibility (“fake media”) on this issue.

SPS Chief Constable Norm Lipinski Photo: SPS

The RCMP – as The VOICE has consistently been exposing them – have leaked out all kinds of personal things about McCallum, stooping as low as any uncivilized person possibly could, and inspired their poodles to write the rudest possible letters to senior federal and provincial ministers and officials in a disgracefully fascist manner.

There is a saying in India that when an elephant passes through a village, all the dogs bark. They bark because that’s all that they can do even as the elephant treats them like garbage!

The RCMP should not forget that we the taxpayers are paying $200 million to the poor victims of the perverted male RCMP officers who harassed female RCMP officers and other female RCMP employees. How come Locke and Hundial have had nothing to say about that? Just recently a young female officer with Richmond RCMP shot herself dead because her senior officer got her pregnant and didn’t want to take responsibility for it.

They should know that after having hired 18 senior officers, disbanding the Surrey Police Service will cost Surrey taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars in compensation for those officers.

McCallum won the election on the promise of replacing the RCMP with a Surrey Police Service (Surrey is the ONLY big city in Canada without its own police force) and having a Surrey-Langley SkyTrain. Now that both promises are being realized, his opponents are messing their pants. (What’s that smell?)

Of course, all that Locke and Hundial can say in their defense is that anyone who says anything against them is being PAID to do so. Really? Is that your own guilt being reflected? Shame on you for stooping lower and lower!