15-minute peak sailings by SeaBus while vessel undergoes maintenance

BEGINNING Monday February 3, SeaBus sailings will temporarily occur every 15 minutes during peak periods while the Burrard Otter II undergoes maintenance work. This is a temporary change from the current weekday peak schedule of departures occurring every 10 minutes.

The Burrard Otter II will have propulsion system repairs completed while it is out of service. This work takes several days and requires the vessel to be dry-docked. It is expected to return to regular service prior to Monday, February 10, at which time 10-minute peak service would resume.

TransLink transitioned to a 10-minute rush hour sailing schedule in 2019, and at that time TransLink indicated that sailing schedules could shift when extended vessel maintenance is undertaken.  Signage, countdown clocks, and trip planning tools will be updated to reflect this temporary adjustment. 

The Burrard Chinook is scheduled to enter service this year. Once this new SeaBus is rotated into regular service, TransLink will have a spare vessel for use in situations when extended or unplanned maintenance is required.

Temporary SeaBus peak hour departure times beginning February 3:

Lonsdale morning peak departuresWaterfront morning peak departures
7:02 a.m.7:16 a.m.
7:17 a.m.7:31 a.m.
7:32 a.m.7:46 a.m.
7:47 a.m.8:01 a.m.
8:02 a.m.8:16 a.m.
8:17 a.m.8:31 a.m.
8:32 a.m.8:46 a.m.
8:47 a.m.9:01 a.m.
9:02 a.m.9:16 a.m.
9:17 a.m.9:31 a.m.
9:32 a.m.9:46 a.m.
Lonsdale afternoon peak departuresWaterfront afternoon peak departures
3:02 p.m.3:16 p.m.
3:17 p.m.3:31 p.m.
3:32 p.m.3:46 p.m.
3:47 p.m.4:01 p.m.
4:02 p.m.4:16 p.m.
4:17 p.m.4:31 p.m.
4:32 p.m.4:46 p.m.
4:47 p.m.5:01 p.m.
5:02 p.m.5:16 p.m.
5:17 p.m.5:31 p.m.
5:32 p.m.5:46 p.m.
5:47 p.m.6:01 p.m.
6:02 p.m.6:16 p.m.
6:17 p.m.6:31 p.m.
6:32 p.m.6:46 p.m.

All other scheduled sailings are unaffected.