2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab – Luxury truck is great for Work and Play


By Autoreviewman

 The 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab is just one of a multitude of Ram pickups available. Engine choices range from either a hairy V8, a well- proven V6 or a new fuel efficient diesel. The Ram 1500 is still available in three cab configurations (two-door regular cab, four-door extended quad cab and a roomy four-door crew cab) with three pickup box sizes. New for 2019, the Ram 1500 is fully redesigned with reduced weight, increased payload and towing capacity, more rear-seat space and a new mild hybrid power system.

Our tester was the middle -range luxury orientated Big Horn Crew Cab model, that looked fabulous in a deep Maximum Steel paint To say it looked classy would be an understatement as the big truck garnered more than its fair share of admiring looks. The power plant for our tester was the 3.6L VVT Pentastar V6 with eTorque – a  mild hybrid system  that incorporates a belt-driven electric motor/alternator that serves as the start-up motor for the start-stop function, while providing a brief boost of torque (up to 90 lb.-ft. on the V6; 130 on the V8) upon initial acceleration from a stop. It also provides a small boost when shifting gears, which aids in acceleration pickup and reduces fuel consumption. The motor also uses mild regenerative braking to charge up the small lithium battery used in the system. The transmission comprised of an 8 speed auto box.

 The Ram 1500 interior has the nicest interior of any pickup, with quality materials and intuitive controls and ergonomics. The Ram is very popular in Canada and not hard to see why- the big power seats, limo – like room front and rear make this one of the roomiest and most comfortable trucks on the market. The Ram provides plenty of standard and optional storage spaces, whilst the large sized comfortable power seats offer tons of luxury and space. It is a very roomy, well-proportioned cabin. Convenience features such as a heated steering wheel, heated seats   and a rearview backup camera and sonar-based back-up system are available as well as other optional equipment. If you need a classy truck with excellent tow and payload capability supported by a myriad of new technology aids, look no further!

Pricing: 2019   Ram 1500 Big Horn V6 Crew Cab 4× 4

 Base price: $52,545. Price as tested with options and taxes- $68,540

More info at: www.ram.ca