2021 BMW X5 45e PHEV: Premium Hybrid SUV is here! 

Auto review by Veeno Dewan

BMW’s current line of plug-in hybrids (PHEV) are found in the 3 Series, X3, and now the larger X5 SUV. A big, refined, smart looking SUV, the X5 45e  PHEV  gains a larger battery that allows for 45 km of zero-emission driving, slightly up from the previous model.  To clarify, the X5 45e  is a plug-in hybrid you charge up via an external charge port, while the hybrid system does charge the battery as do the regenerative brakes.

The X5 45e uses  the larger 3.0L straight-six engine and a bigger  battery for better acceleration and an increased  electric driving range of around 45km. The engine itself delivers 286 hp while the electric motor adds 111 hp, and in conjunction with the 24-kWh lithium ion battery  delivers a  combined output of 394 hp and 443 lb-ft. A full battery charge with a Level 2 charger will take just under six hours. While sadly a standard household power outlet will take a glacial  26 hours to charge. Please buy the dedicated Level 2 charger to make the  most of this vehicle!

The 8-speed automatic transmission sends power to all four wheels and can do the 0-100 km/h dash at around the 5.6 second mark.

We tested a fully loaded X5 45e Base price starts at  $83,500, while my tester was generously laden with options that brought it to a steep $100,400 before freight and taxes. As usual it is a neat fastidious interior with no vices.

The cabin is luxuriously outfitted and roomy enough with either 5 or 7 passenger third row seating. The dash is exquisite with its smart ergonomic design.

On the road  the X5 45e has a nice turn of pace and can run in full electric mode for  about 45km (available up to 135 km/h), but don’t   expect X6 acceleration. The Drive mode function allows for  the storage of saved charge when driving in hybrid mode on the highway, and then transfers to  battery-only mode for urban areas., the X5 45e is a handsome, roomy, stylish, and comfortable drive with decent enough  electric range. It is expensive and that’s down to the killer cabin, materials, and engineering. Wonderful to drive and own.

2021 BMW x5 45E PHEV SUV. Base priced from $83,400. Price as tested with option packages – $100,400. Plus, destination and taxes.

More info at  www.bme.ca


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