Abbotsford Police Constable John Davidson – a hero honoured by thousands

Photos: Abbotsford Police / APD Twitter

THOUSANDS of officers and first responders filled the Abbotsford Centre on Sunday to honour a hero who died protecting the public. And members of the public also turned up in thousands to show their respect and admiration for Abbotsford Police Constable John Davidson, 53, who received a full regimental funeral.

Davidson is survived by his wife, Denise, and children, Dina, Fay and Drew. Davidson was a police officer in the U.K. He moved here in 2006 and had been with the Abbotsford Police for 11 years.

Daughter Fay, speaking about her father, said: “It’s hard to properly capture in words just how special dad was, in a way that does him justice.”

She added: “He was strong, intelligent, hilarious, sarcastic, humble and a real piece of work.”

“He was a tough father, but we always knew that he loved us so fiercely, and he held our well-being as his highest priority. It’s agonizing to picture a future without his guidance and support, but we’ll always be able to imagine his harsh Scottish accent cheering us on,” she said.

Dina said: “There was something about the way he protected and cared for us that made him seem invincible. He was modest to the point of never mentioning his accomplishments, and if he did, he made it seem like it was nothing.”

Davidson’s police partner, Constable Renae Williams said he was a tough but fair officer as was evident by the  number of people she had seen shaking his hand after getting a ticket.

Constable John Davidson

She added: “JD you have left an everlasting impact on your family, on us, our department and this community. We will take care of your family as our own.”