Abbotsford Police investigators seek witnesses to Walsh Avenue arsons

WHILE patrolling central Abbotsford on Thursday, May 20 at 4:15 a.m., an Abbotsford Police patrol officer heard an explosion on Walsh Avenue. Upon responding to this location, the officer found a dumpster on fire in an alley and observed a fire at a nearby recycling depot across the street.

Investigators have located numerous locations in this area where the suspect lit small fires.

Abbotsford Police Department General Investigation Section officers have viewed CCTV and would like to speak to some people who were observed in the area.

At approximately 4:07 a.m., a white truck was travelling southbound on Ware Street.  It is possible the occupants may have seen the suspect as they fled the scene.

A man was walking south on Ware Street at the same time and may have also observed the suspect fleeing.

There was another person in the area peering into garbage bins and may have spoken to or knows the suspect.

Though the CCTV does not show the suspect’s face, a noticeable gait can be observed.

Investigators would like to speak to these witnesses. If you have information about this incident, contact the Abbotsford Police Department at 604-859-5225.