Arshad Warsi says no to knee surgery

Actor Arshad Warsi, who is in Goa for the shoot of his forthcoming film, is in deep distress. The actor was to choreograph a song, but had to cancel the shoot owing to severe knee injury.

He told TOI from Goa, “I have Chondromalacia Patellae, a disorder which happens to people who overuse their knees. I have been constantly active. I was a sportsman who became a dancer and an actor. I have never let my body rest. My cartilage is damaged because of which my knee cap touches the bone, causing extreme pain. I am undergoing physiotherapy and acupuncture on a regular basis. I had to cancel the shoot as I have been asked to rest for at least a week. My family is here too.”

Though surgery can cure the problem, Arshad is against it. “That is the last resort. It’s fine for organs like heart and kidney, but bone and muscle problems can be worked out with the right amount of rest and exercise.”

The actor has not been asked to reduce weight, as is suggested in most cases of knee ailments.

“My thigh muscles are solid. My problem has nothing to do with my weight. Besides, I am not overweight. I have been asked not to exert the knees. The song will be shot later. I will be back in Mumbai soon for a comic action scene, which is not too heavy.”