ASW returns to Vancouver featuring WWE’s tough enough Chelsea Green Friday, September 11

All Star Wrestling Inc.'s photo.

ASW is returning to Vancouver with some huge guys and some Girls Gone Wrestling.  We are a family first wrestling company that put the customers needs first.  We take pride in knowing people can enjoy the atmosphere.  From bell to bell you will be entertained with hard hitting action packed athleticism.  We invite you to come and let us at ASW make your night a epic adventure.  So grab some friends and head on down to the Scottish Cultural Center 8886 Hudson street Vancouver British Columbia.
8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6P 4N2




Loose Cannon Kenny Lush vs Gabriel Gallo
If you are looking for a hard hitting battle between 2 of the biggest Wrestlers in the Pacific Northwest.  Kenny Lush I a former ASW Heavy weight champion and has never backed down from a fight.  Gabriel Gallo is a new arrival to the ASW locker room.  He wants to make sure that people recognize that he is not to be taken lightly and will fight anyone one who steps in his way!  When these 2 combatants collide I am not sure this Building is big enough to hold them.
ASW Tag Team Titles
Team Rush Hour(Mr India & TheGreat Kasaki) vs Team USA(Azeem The Dream & Christopher Ryseck)
Team USA has cheated there way to the top once again by any means possible.  I mean every match up that Azeem is in there seems to be doubts on his “Clean” victory.  One thing is certain the the Ideal Reflection Christopher Ryseck always sees things the same way.  These Team USA members appear to have earned a shot at the newly crowned Tag Team Champions.  The Awkward team of Mr.India and The Great Kasaki (Team Rush Hour) seem to be firing on all cylinders.  They have in ring skill.  They seem to communicate fairly well.  They have both been around for a long time.  But I don’t think Mr. India can understand the words that comes out of Kasaki’s mouth.  1 thing I know is this match will leave you the fans appreciating how technically sound these teams are.  BUT WHO WILL WIN!!!!!!

Chelsea Green (Champion) vs Malia Hosaka
Chelsea Green AKA Jaida has just retuned from Florida where she was competing for World Wrestling Entertainment’s completion Tough Enough.  This Victoria native is turning heads all around the world but lucky for you fans she is local.  Her opponent is no slouch when it comes to wrestling achievements  as she has won every major wrestling title from all the biggest wrestling companies in the world!  Malia Hosaka is a feared competitor everywhere she goes and wants to add another title to her resume.  Will Malia become the new GGW Champion or will the returning from WWE’s Tough Enough Chelsea Green (Jaida) prove that she is more then Tough Enough.

Violet vs Vixen vs Bambi Hall
WOW is all I can hear the fans say as these 3 GMS students go toe to toe to elevate them to the Girls Gone Wrestling Title.  Violet has been slowly turning heads with her methodical ring maneuver’s. Vixen has the power of the biggest of bodybuilders but the speed of a gazelle.  Bambi is a former ASW ladies champion and is looking to gain back her role as queen of the mountain.  These 3 ladies are all willing and able to take things to the next level but which one will!!
Bad Boy Jason Cage vs Don Ciever…
Bad Boy Jason Cage has been on a bit of a hiatus as of late.  I think he was a little shocked and overwhelmed with the loss of his Legends Title.  Mr.Cage wants to take out his frustrations on someone who he thinks he can win against but unfortunate for him he has drawn a Animal in Don Ciever.  Don Ciever has been the guy to bring justice to ASW and has turned heads in the process.  With just over a year in  ASW Don Ciever has proven that he is willing to fight for whats rite and take no prisoners in the path to victory.   Will Jason Cage get a easy win or did Jason Cage fought the law and law won!!!!

and much more!

Tickets are $20 Front Row and $15 General Admission.

Bruce Guitars 434 W Hastings St, Vancouver (604) 428-9118
OT Sports Cards 1505 W 66 Ave, Vancouver (604) 559-5511

more info at 604 710 0872

Meet the Wrestlers after the show at:
Hudson’s Landing Pub 1041 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver