B.C. Liberal MLA Rich Coleman calls Kater app “very good”

Rich Coleman

THERE appears to be increasing support for the made-in-BC technology company, Kater’s app as opposed to Uber and it seems that the NDP has got it right by encouraging this development for the public good.

Even B.C. Liberal MLA and former minister Rich Coleman is mighty impressed with Kater.

Coleman tweeted on Monday: “I was challenged by a friend to try Kater, the new ride share service. I did twice.The App is very good. The service was great. Car arrived in 5 mins, brand new Camry hybrid, great driver. Part of the solution?”

Back in March, Scott Larson, CEO of Kater, told the media: “We are thrilled to be announcing the beta launch of Kater. Vancouver is a very unique city when it comes to transportation regulations and ride-hailing, and we believe Kater is the solution to many of the mobility dilemmas that have plagued us for too long. With the tap of a button you can order a Kater car to pick you up, get an estimated cost and arrival time for your trip, check the driver’s name and licence plate, track your car as it arrives, pay via the app and rate your driver. We intend to have all of our Kater cars on the road by the middle of spring.”

All that now appears to be true with even Coleman giving it the thumbs up.

Kater is a ride-hailing app available both for Apple and Android users. Once you download the app and complete the registration process, you are ready to do more with Kater. With the tap of a button you can order a Kater car to pick you up, get an estimated cost for your trip, check the driver’s name and license plate, track your car as it’s on its way and monitor the arrival time, pay via the app and rate your driver. It is safe, reliable and predictable.

For more, visit Kater.com.


Here is some information that Kater had provided in March:
Who do I contact if I have a problem?
We have a 24/7 Kater Care team that you will be able to contact via phone or text within the app or alternatively live chat on the website.
How do I know I am safe in a Kater car?

Safety is a number one priority for Kater and as such we have installed cameras in all our cars. The Kater app includes a two-way rating system and a direct 24/7 link to our Kater Care Team for all inquiries. Kater vehicles are brand new and maintained by us on a daily basis. Our drivers are professional and service-driven. All drivers have a Class 4 License, required Chauffeur Permits, and are put through a stringent driver training program.

Does Kater have any links to the government or a political party?
Kater is independently-financed and is not linked to any political party.
What is Kater’s link with the Vancouver Taxi Association?

In order to be operational and drive under the current Provincial guidelines, at the moment, Kater – and any other ride-for-hire companies that want to operate here in Vancouver – need a licence. Kater has been given 140 licences by the VTA, however that is where the relationship ends.

Operationally, Kater is completely separate; we own our own brand new fleet of cars, which can only be hailed through the app and we have recruited and trained our own drivers to ensure a high level of service.

Are Kater drivers fairly paid?
Fair payment is something we feel strongly about, and when we developed our product, we wanted to create a solution that is fair for all stakeholders, including drivers. Kater drivers are guaranteed a living wage of $20 an hour and can earn up to $35 an hour. Kater drivers keep all their tips. Kater drivers are also provided with a car and all maintenance costs are covered, as well as insurance, permitting, and the costs of Chauffeur Permits if needed. Kater also offers drivers a $1,000 bonus which can be used towards offsetting the costs associated with obtaining a Class 4 License.