BC Green Leader Weaver congratulates Mike Schreiner, Ontario’s first Green MPP-elect

Mike Schreiner

ANDREW Weaver, Leader of the B.C. Green Party, on Thursday issued the following statement of congratulations to Ontario Green Party leader Mike Schreiner who was elected as Ontario’s first Green MPP in the provincial election.

“Today, Mike Schreiner and his team made history for Ontario. Every time Greens have been elected in Canada, they have represented change away from the status quo and brought a powerful new approach to politics that emphasizes evidence-based decision-making and a principled, forward-looking vision. I am absolutely thrilled that Ontario finally has a Green MPP who will demonstrate that in Queen’s Park.

“Mike is a generous, intelligent and dedicated person who is undoubtedly going to serve his constituents in Guelph with distinction. His campaign championed small business, the clean economy and a basic income. The road of the 21st century may appear to be full of challenges, but leaders like Mike are driven by a vision of turning those challenges into opportunities. I am proud to congratulate MPP-elect Mike Schreiner on his historic election in Guelph tonight.”