BC Liberal MLA Morris questions administration of justice in B.C.

BRITISH Columbians are becoming increasingly concerned about prolific offenders in their communities who are arrested and released repeatedly, leading to an endless cycle of crime, say the B.C. Liberals.

“The provincial trend throughout B.C. is troubling,” said Mike Morris, Critic for Public Safety and Solicitor General, on Monday. “The mayor of Kelowna recently revealed that police in his community have identified 15 prolific offenders who are responsible for more than 1,000 negative police contacts, just in the last year alone.”

Morris argued that despite the steep increase in administration of justice offences in recent years — such as breach of probation, failure to appear in court, and failure to comply with release conditions — the number of persons charged with these offences has remained static.

The B.C. Liberals said the NDP government continues to reference federal legislation and Supreme Court decisions as reasons why this pattern is so prevalent. However, Morris pointed out that attorneys general across Canada have responsibilities and can take action to reduce these troubling numbers.

Morris said people deserve to feel safe, yet the number of prolific offenders on the streets who continue to breach probation, fail to appear in court and escape custody threatens that, and the cycle must end.

Video: MLA Mike Morris on administration of justice, April 25, 2022.