Calgary’s Manjit Piasa fined for providing services without immigration licence to more than 150 clients

MANJIT Singh Piasa of Calgary’s of Able Professional Services Ltd. has pleaded guilty to providing service to clients without an immigration licence and was sentenced to 18 months probation, fined $4,000 and ordered to pay more than $6,000 to victims, according to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

In May 2019, the CBSA received a tip that Piasa was providing immigration services in Calgary. A preliminary investigation revealed that Piasa was not a lawyer or licensed immigration consultant. 

After conducting interviews of possible victims and further investigation, CBSA Criminal Investigations Section executed a search warrant on May 29, 2019, of the office used by Piasa. This resulted in the seizure of significant documents and electronic evidence related to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Criminal Code of Canada offences. In June 2019, additional interviews of multiple other victims who were identified during the investigation were conducted.

In August 2019, Piasa was charged with:

* one count under S. 91 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (did knowingly, directly or indirectly, represent or advise a person for consideration, or offer to do so, in connection with an application under this Act, contrary to Section 91(1) of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and did thereby commit an offence pursuant to Section 91(9) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act), and

* six counts under S. 380 (1) (b) (i) of the Criminal Code of Canada (Criminal Fraud).

On December 2, 2020, Piasa pleaded guilty to the IRPA charge and was sentenced to 18 months probation with strict conditions and a $4,000 fine. He was also ordered to pay over $6,000 of restitution to his victims. As part of a plea agreement, the Crown agreed to withdraw the remaining charges once restitution is paid. 

The CBSA told The VOICE that from January 2011 to May 2019, Piasa provided immigration services to upwards of 150 victims.

The CBSA become aware of these alleged offences when it received a tip regarding Piasa’s illegal activities.

The CBSA may receive referrals of suspected offences from a variety of sources, including the general public through the Border Watch Line, partner organizations, and other government departments.

Anyone with information on suspicious cross-border activities is encouraged to call the CBSA Border Watch Line (1-888-502-9060).