Canada Post: Keep your dog secure, practice physical distancing

“AS Canada Post employees – your family members, neighbours, friends – continue to serve Surrey customers during this challenging time, we are also seeking your assistance to help keep our employees safe,” says Canada Post.

A reminder from Canada Post – Keep your dog secure and practice physical distancing

We love dogs, but even the most gentle dog can bite. Now that you are home, please help keep our people safe by keeping your dog inside.

Posted by Canada Post on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

“Every day, our employees deliver to millions of homes across Canada and an estimated 41% of these households have dogs. They see them every day when delivering your mail and parcels, especially since the weather is warming up and as most customers – both adults and children – are now home during the day.

“As much as we love our furry friends, they are protective of their home and their family, and it’s impossible for delivery agents to know how any dog will react when they approach your home to deliver the mail.  

“Our request to dog owners: Please do not open the door during deliveries or allow your dog to approach our employees while they are out in the community. This makes it difficult to adhere to physical distancing when owners need to retrieve their dogs, and it increases the risk of dog bites.

“So far in 2020, our delivery agents in Surrey have already experienced dog incidents. We know this is a difficult time and we appreciate your help in keeping our employees safe, which will also help keep our local communities safe.”

Physical distancing: We continue to ask Canadians to respect physical (social) distancing with our employees who are delivering mail and serving them in post offices. This means keeping a distance of two metres (six feet), as recommended by public health authorities. Specifically, we are asking the following.

· During delivery to your home: Please keep the door closed when our employees are delivering mail and parcels and avoid personally greeting them.

· During delivery to your mailbox: If you collect your mail at a community mailbox, an apartment mailroom or other group mailbox location, keep a distance of two metres (six feet) from delivery agents when they are putting mail in your mailbox.

· While employees are working in communities: Continue to keep a distance of two metres (six feet) from our employees when they are out working in the community.

· In post offices: Practise physical distancing and follow all other measures that have been implemented for your health and safety.