Canada wants perpetrators of November 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai to be brought to justice

Two Canadians were killed during attack


GLOBAL Affairs Canada on Tuesday in a statement in remembrance of the Mumbai terrorist attack which happened 10 years ago this week, said: “This week we recall the cowardly terrorist attacks that unfolded over four tragic days in November 2008, in several locations across Mumbai. The attack caused hundreds of fatalities and injuries. Two Canadians were killed during the attack.”
“Our thoughts are with the survivors of the attacks, as well as the families and loved ones of the victims, whose lives were changed forever. Canada remains dismayed that the perpetrators of this violence have not yet been held responsible and call for them to be swiftly brought to justice.
“We must work together to defeat terrorism in all its forms. We stand in solidarity with the Indian government and the people of India in the ongoing fight to prevent radicalization and fight terrorism, at home and aboard.
“Together, we must renew our commitment to protect the freedom found in societies that promote unity, openness and inclusion and to build a world where we can all feel safe and secure.”


DEEPAK Obhrai, Conservative MP for Calgary Forest Lawn, in a statement in Parliament said: “Mr. Speaker … I would like to acknowledge that today is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack on Mumbai, where two Canadians lost their lives.
“During a state visit with the former governor general, the Right Hon. David Johnston, whom I accompanied to India, we visited the Taj hotel, which was one of the places that came under severe attack. We paid our respects at the memorial that was set up in the hotel. We talked to the survivors of that terrible tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were killed and to the people of India. Just a note to my colleagues, the masterminds of that terrorist attack are still free.”