Canadian High Commission in India warns of frauds and scams (May 14 update)


On May 12, the 26th special flight with stranded Canadian travellers left Amritsar for Toronto and Patel tweeted: “Two more flights tomorrow night from Delhi and Amritsar and more throughout the week bringing stranded Canadians home.”

And on Thursday, Patel tweeted: “Two more special flights left India last night, from Delhi and Amritsar, another 700+ stranded Canadian travellers will have landed safely in Canada, that’s now 28 special flights & the 29th flight leaves Amritsar in an hour.”

THE Canadian High Commission is warning Canadians and Permanent Residents to beware of frauds and scams.

It tweeted: “Fraudsters may impersonate our officers. Do not get fooled by fake social media profiles & websites. Verify all info re: flights against e-mail messages we send you. Contact us at if you suspect any fraudulent activity.”

It also tweeted that Air India “has announced commercial evacuation flights from India to destinations including the US & UK from where Canadians may connect to [Canada]. For flights details see: Those interested should contact @airindiain directly, not the [Canadian] High Commission.”

On Saturday, the high commission tweeted that 25 flights from Amritsar, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, have taken Canadians home from different parts of India.

It added: “This week, flights will depart from Ahmedabad/Delhi/Amritsar.”

The 25th flight from India took off from Amritsar on May 8.