More flights carrying Canadians leave India

UPDATE: Nadir Patel tweeted from New Delhi that early Sunday morning [Saturday evening in Canada] “another special flight left Delhi for Canada with stranded Canadian travellers; the 19th flight so far, with more special flights taking place everyday this week. Bookings continue on a rolling basis, details are shared with those registered.”

CANADIAN High Commissioner in New Delhi, Nadir Patel, tweeted on Friday that the 18th special flight for Canadians stranded in India had just departed from Amritsar.

He added: “More flights coming up, bookings continue, please be patient as we work through the list of Canadians looking to go home.”

Another special flight – the 17th – left Delhi early Friday morning and Patel tweeted “a huge thank you” to Qatar Airways “for helping Canadians return home.”

The 16th special flight left Amritsar on Wednesday night with 360+ Canadian travelers, and on Wednesday morning the 15th special flight had left Mumbai with more Canadian travelers.

On Tuesday, the 14th special flight with Canadians took off from Kolkata and Patel tweeted: “Huge thanks to our colleagues Australian High Commissioner Barry O’Farrell & his team for collaborating to make this happen.”

The 13th special flight with Canadians had departed from Bangalore on Monday, covering six states in the south.

And last Sunday (April 26) the 12th special flight from India departed from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with nearly 300 Canadians aboard.