Cat found in box originating from China

Precious Photo: BC SPCA

A cat mysteriously found in a parcel is now in its care, says the BC SPCA.

Precious Cargo, as she was named by the SPCA, was found in a parcel originating from China that was being examined by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers at the Vancouver International Mail Centre in Richmond.

“The officers noticed that the box was damaged and had a sizable hole in its side,” says Binder Kooner, Chief of Operations for the CBSA. “When the CBSA officer looked into the box, the officer saw a pair of eyes staring back which blinked.” There was no evidence of urine or feces in the box.

Kooner adds that the box was brought into an area where it could be more thoroughly examined. They were able to gently coax Precious into a spare K9 kennel and provided her with bedding and water.

“The cat appeared healthy but scared,” says Kooner. “We contacted the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the BC SPCA, who sent an animal control officer to bring the cat directly to an emergency vet clinic.”

The CFIA issued a notice to vaccinate the cat against rabies to ensure Canadian import requirement in case the cat had travelled from China.

“No one knows how long the cat spent in transit, so she was kept at the emergency vet clinic for a week to stabilize,” says Krista Shaw, manager of the BC SPCA’s Richmond community animal centre. “She was vaccinated against rabies, given fluids to rehydrate and was tested for foreign parasites and diseases. She also received medication to help stimulate her appetite as she was not eating.”

“When Precious first arrived at the clinic, she was very fearful,” says Shaw. “After settling in and getting the treatments she needed she started feeling better and trusting the team of doctors and staff who were caring for her.” Shaw adds that she was discharged from the clinic after a week and was transferred to a BC SPCA foster home.

“She is settling in well at her foster mom’s home,” says Shaw. “The foster mom tells me that she is slowly starting to eat and drink more and is getting comfortable around her and her home.” Shaw adds that the cat is an absolute cuddle bug. “She loves belly rubs and a good stretch on her lap.” The foster mom plans on officially adopting Precious once she is fully recovered.

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