City of Surrey launches free Digital Technology Hub

THE City of Surrey announced on Monday that it has launched a Digital Technology Hub, a free online platform that offers resources to help older adults navigate the digital world and make it easier to connect to services, programs, and people.

The Digital Hub offers six categories of information: internet access, devices, training, tech support, virtual health care, and online activities. To access the hub, visit

“We are excited to offer this tool to support positive use of digital technology and to help our older residents stay connected and engaged,” said Sahra-Lea Tosdevine-Tataryn, Project Manager, Age Friendly Strategy for Seniors.

The Digital Technology Hub provides simple curated information on various topics, covering everything from how to use email, social media, video chats, and online safety, to how to register online for programs and take advantage of virtual health tools. The easy-to-use resources were developed based on feedback from surveys, focus groups, and participants of the Technology Forums, with 87% of respondents indicating their interest in a Digital Technology Hub.

“We are delighted to offer the Digital Technology Hub, a platform that is easy to use and accessible with a focus on advancing digital inclusion, supporting our residents’ participation in our digital society,” said Geoff Samson, Manager, Strategic Projects.

The Digital Hub is designed to help older adults navigate and use personal technology, enabling them to stay connected with loved ones, access important information, and enjoy all the benefits that the digital world has to offer.

The City of Surrey is leading the way in supporting healthy active aging through its Age Friendly Strategy for Seniors, a framework that ensures seniors, families, and caregivers are supported through advocacy, policy, partnering, and service delivery. The Digital Technology Hub also supports both the Smart Surrey and Broadband strategies, ensuring that all residents have ready access to broadband technologies and the skills to use them regardless of socio-economic status.

Community partners on this project: Surrey Libraries, Fraser Health, DIVERSEcity, Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS), Digital Health Circle (AGE-WELL), and Brella Community Services.


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