Creating awareness that school is a good place to be in

HCAS Dragon boat racingBY HARNOOR GILL


 Grade 11 student

Christ The King Catholic Secondary

Georgetown, Ontario



HAVE you ever wondered that sometimes during the summer, you tend to forget what day it is? But during the school year, you always seem to know when the next long weekend is, the big party on Friday or that exam that you left to study for the last minute. It seems as if when under stress, I myself react the same way and am always on the ball knowing the day of the week when I am in school. However, when it comes to summer, I just tend to lay back and relax as if every day is a weekend.

To tell you the truth, I sometimes actually feel that when I grow up to be older, I will miss school because it’s somewhere where I can make mistakes and learn from them. I tend to get a lot more bored as well during the summer when there’s nothing to do besides hanging out with friends, casual gaming or just playing basketball.

Sometimes, I don’t even know what it would be like without the opportunity of having school because I sure wouldn’t want to do endless labor whereas I can specialize in a field and become successful off it. It also beats me to see that there are kids in this day and age that drop out of high school because they can’t handle it. Believe me, dropping out of high school isn’t the answer to the end of those problems. In fact, by dropping out of high school you have just created a barrier between yourself and your future.

Did you know that without your high school diploma you can’t even be a garbage man picking up garbage from the side of a road? I hate to say this but there are over 1.2 million kids a year that drop out of school which technically is one kid dropping out every 26 seconds. I believe that this figure of kids dropping out of school shouldn’t even exist! Every child deserves to be educated and well brought up through the education system, so let’s create awareness around school that it’s a good place and you don’t want to leave.

To do this, I need the help and assistance of school boards and communities around Canada to promote the fact that school can be annoying at time but in the long run it’s something that not only benefits you as an individual but others around you as well. Always remember, take as many courses as you can during high school because nothing is ever career specific. I myself am not aware of what I still would like to pursue as a career but what I do know is that the only way I will get there is through school itself.

So remember dropping out or not caring is not the answer but doing well and being active in school is the best way to make it a nice and enjoyable experience for yourself!