Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord should resign if …

DELTA Police Department Chief Constable Neil Dubord should resign if CTV News Vancouver’s report on Tuesday that one officer, who was involved in the early stage of the investigation into his wife’s alleged verbal and physical assaults on Richmond school district teacher Kiran Sidhu, was the chief’s former executive assistant is correct.

This constable was hired on the Delta Police Force in February 2019 after serving as the chief’s executive assistant, according to CTV News.

As CTV News pointed out, the assaults allegedly occurred on June 6, Sidhu reported the incident to Delta Police on June 7 and she was informed by Delta Police that the file was closed on June 10.

But a feisty Sidhu persisted in her quest for justice and Delta Police was forced to hand over the investigation to Surrey RCMP for investigation on June 23.

If the CTV News report is correct, how could Dubord and other senior officers of Delta Police have behaved in such a deplorably unprofessional manner – like a mafia?

If this report is correct, then, if Dubord has a modicum of integrity or an iota of self-respect or a scintilla of conscience, he should step down NOW – and not later after dragging his department’s reputation through the mud.

Or Delta Mayor George Harvie and the Delta Police Board should fire him.

Let’s see if Surrey RCMP will end up protecting the Dubords – just as they recently protected a young white man who launched a vicious, racist verbal attack on an older South Asian man in a parking dispute in South Surrey. That white man shouted: “You are brown. You’re a brown Paki. That’s what you are! That’s what you are! Get out of here, you [expletive deleted] Brownie!” But Surrey RCMP decided that was no big deal.

Also, on Tuesday, the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC) announced that as a result of a complaint filed from a member of the public, it has initiated an external investigation into allegations of misconduct related to the Delta Police Department’s handling of the case. It has assigned the Vancouver Police Department to carry out an external disciplinary conduct investigation into the matter.

The OPCC has also forwarded a related service and policy complaint to the Delta Police Board regarding the adequacy of the department’s policies and procedures in handling matters where there is a real or perceived conflict of interest.

The disciplinary conduct investigation will focus solely on whether any Delta police officer committed misconduct in the matter, and is entirely separate from the RCMP criminal investigation currently underway. 

In any case, Dubord needs to stop hiding his head in the sand and face the reality of the situation.