Ray Dhaliwal becomes the second South Asian on City of Kamloops’ Council

Ray Dhaliwal
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RAY Dhaliwal, who was one of two councillors elected in the September 30 by-election in the City of Kamloops, is a third-generation Canadian. His grandparents settled in Kamloops in 1913, he told The VOICE.
Dhaliwal is the second South Asian on the eight-member Council, the other being Arjun Singh, who just last weekend was acclaimed 1st Vice President of the UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities).
Dhaliwal was born and raised in Kamloops. His dad Saba and mom Ambo were born in Kamloops and Vancouver, respectively.
He told The VOICE that he was married in 1982 in the Sikh Temple in Kamloops, the first mixed marriage in that gurdwara. “I am happily married to this day after 32 years,” he added.
He said; “I have been an active citizen of Kamloops in both work and volunteer organisations.” Dhaliwal owns Rays Lock and Key and has been running the business in Kamloops since 1982. He attended Caribou College before it became TRU.
He’s been a member of the Kamloops Multicultural Society for 43 years and the president for the past six years. He’s also a member of the Kamloops Immigrant Society, a board member of the Brocklehurst Seniors Society, a past member of the North Shore Rotary Club, and a member of the Sikh Cultural Society.
In his work, he has achieved the top status in Kamloops as the best locksmith (threebestrated.ca).
Dhaliwal said: “I am always ready to help someone in need and I decided to run for City Council to help change the direction of this city.”
Incidentally, his mom, Ambo Dhaliwal, is a “Freeman” of the City of Kamloops. The Freedom of the City is the highest honour that can be bestowed by the City. It is a designation that is awarded infrequently and only with the unanimous support of the Mayor and Council Members. Ambo received that honour on April 24, 2013. She has been heavily involved in volunteer organisations.
According to the City’s website, “Dhaliwal wants to see Kamloops a more attractive city for businesses to move to town and set up shop. With affordable housing, a great university, and great outdoor activities in the region, he feels it shouldn’t be too hard to convince young business owners to make the move to Kamloops.”


  1. Dumb title for the story . What he is , is a successful intelligent businessman. His ethnicity has little to with his ability to serve on council. This city needs more people like him on council that understand , that you can’t continually spend more than you earn. Hopefully he’ll be able to educate some of the other councillors in that regard. Fredb

    • Dumb observation? This paper is basically for South Asians – it highlights their achievements to inspire other South Asians and it also carries a plethora of other aspects about South Asian society, both good and bad. Nowhere do we suggest that being South Asian makes anyone a fit candidate for a post if the person lacks the qualifications and qualities needed. So please do not read more into stuff than is necessary!

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