Dr. Pargat Singh Bhurji of Surrey reaches out to Nepal earthquake victims

HEADLINES NEPAL EARTHQUAKEDR. Pargat Singh Bhurji of Surrey, who is leading a team of medical experts to provide care especially for children, arrived in Kathmandu on May 6 and headed for Gorkha, a five-hour road trip. From Gorkha the team undertook a three-hour perilous trip to Deorali and Tunglung.

The dedicated volunteers stayed there for five days, tending to more than 200 people, mostly children, every day.
The team returned to Kathmandu on May 11. Bhurji and his friend, Dr. Colin Yong, were visiting Gurdwara Nanak Math in Balaju the following day when the second earthquake hit Nepal.
Bhurji says they immediately left to help the survivors after two massive buildings collapsed. They dealt with all kinds of injuries and trauma. The team provided help non-stop for over 24 hours.

The team then left for a place close to Sindhupal Chowk near the Dhokala district which was the epicentre of second earthquake. Medical help for the newborn, children and adults was provided with the resources they had.

“The task is monumental. As members of the human race, we are all one. It is our duty to help the ones in need,” says Bhurji.