Nepal Heritage Charity Foundation of BC thanks MediaWaves Communications for its overwhelming support


HEADLINES NEPAL 1HEADLINES NEPAL 2HEADLINES NEPAL 3HEADLINES NEPAL 4A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25 with devastating effects across the country. Many aftershocks, including a major one of magnitude 7.3 on May 12, caused further damages and loss of lives, adding to the already staggering number of over 8,000 deaths. Many of our friends and families have lost their lives or got injured and hundreds of thousand homes have been destroyed, said the Nepali Heritage Charity Foundation of BC (NHCF)

With the sole mission of assisting the victims of the earthquakes, Nepali Heritage Charity Foundation of BC (NHCF) started accepting donations immediately after the first quake. NHCF is profoundly grateful to the overwhelming support it received from MediaWaves Communications, Surrey radiothon and tireless NHCF volunteers in its fundraising efforts and for the generosity of all the British Columbians and Canadians.

“We would like to specially recognize the significant contribution received from the local Sikh community towards this end. We are pleased to announce that we expect the total donations to reach $180,000,” the foundation said.

At this critical time of dire need, NHCF quickly teamed up with the local community groups and volunteers in Nepal and started distributing relief materials to the earthquake victims. On Monday, May 4, the first relief team reached two villages in Kavre district, one of the worst hit areas.

At the first site, Hokse Secondary school, the NHCF was part of the team that distributed relief materials to 80 families affected by earthquake. Each supply package consisted of a blanket, rice, bread, noodles, chick peas, a packet of salt, a bottle of cooking oil, candles, personal hygiene supplies and clothes. The second stop was Shikharpur, a small village completely destroyed by the monstrous earthquake. Altogether 20 affected families received the relief packages at that site.

Subsequently, NHCF with the help from local organizations and volunteers carried out several relief activities covering earth quake victims of villages in Gorkha, Chitwan, Lalitpur, Dhading, Kavrepalanchowk and Sindhupalchowk districts.  Relief materials distributed included, tents, mosquito nets and food supplies such as rice, beaten rice, noodles, lentil, and cooking oil.

“We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of many individuals and local organizations, including Veteran Society of Nepal, Reyukai Nepal, Nepal Army, Nepal Police, etc., in the distribution of relief supplies,” said the foundation.

NHCF, based in Lower Mainland of BC was incorporated in November 2009 and is registered as charity under Income Tax Act of Canada. NHCF has been serving monthly brunch to low income families at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, Vancouver, since May 2010.