Eby’s leadership represents status quo on environment, affordability: B.C. Greens

B.C. Green Party MLA Adam Olsen on Tuesday slammed NDP leadership hopeful David Eby, saying: “B.C. is facing multiple intersecting crises and we need leaders with a fresh vision for the future. David Eby represents the status quo of the current B.C. NDP government that has failed to deliver on their promises of affordability and climate action.”

He added: “David Eby has been part of the NDP cabinet for the last five years and has voted in line with the government every single time, including providing massive subsidies to the oil and gas industry.”

Olsen noted: “In the spring of 2019, Eby voted 14 times in favour of the B.C. NDP’s revised LNG tax scheme, which gave billions of dollars in subsidies to LNG Canada. His government has yet to reduce ballooning greenhouse gas emissions in BC, while it does nothing to curtail the billions of dollars of profits that oil and gas companies have made on the backs of struggling British Columbians.”

He also pointed out: “Despite the NDP’s promises, affordability has also suffered under the B.C. NDP and Eby as housing minister. Under Eby, the housing and affordability crises have only worsened. While Eby initiated the money laundering inquiry, it found that money laundering had a minimal impact on housing affordability. I’m concerned that this government will once again be more focused on passing the buck than passing real affordability measures.”

Olsen said: “It is disappointing that a real leadership contest is looking less and less likely. A leadership contest is a core element of democracy, giving people a choice between different policies and approaches. The B.C. NDP says that representing the diversity of British Columbia is important, but without a leadership contest, different perspectives and visions will not be represented.”


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