Empowering British Columbians to make informed career decisions

THE 2017 edition of the Labour Market Outlook is a valuable resource for all British Columbians.

The Outlook, which enables informed planning and career decisions, projects 917,000 job openings in the next decade. Replacing British Columbian retirees will be the source of 70% of the upcoming job openings, with the other 30% coming from economic growth.

Education and skills training continue to be vital factors when finding a job. Consistent with the last edition of the Outlook, about eight out of 10 jobs will require some post-secondary education or training. Of these, 42% will require a diploma, certificate or apprenticeship training, while 36% will require a bachelor’s, graduate or first professional degree and/or significant work experience.

“Education and skills training creates transformative opportunities,” said Melanie Mark, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. “Our government is working hard to ensure everyone has a chance to thrive and succeed by making post-secondary education more accessible and affordable. We will continue to put British Columbians at the heart of our decision-making so that everyone can share the prosperity of our strong, sustainable and innovative economy. From tech to trades, to health care and business — we need it all.”

Students, parents and those looking for a new career should use the Outlook to inform their career and education decisions. Educators, small businesses and industry can use it in their planning. Government will use it to make informed decisions about new services, investments and projects.

For the 2017 edition of the B.C. Labour Market Outlook, visit: http://workbc.ca/labourmarketoutlook