BC MP Peter Julian endorses federal NDP leadership hopeful Jagmeet Singh

Peter Julian and Jagmeet Singh.
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FEDERAL NDP leadership hopeful Jagmeet Singh has been on a roll this week.

First, Canada’s leading union for retail and food workers, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union that represents over 250,000 workers across the country, announced its support for him on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday, Canada’s IAMAW (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers) that represents more than 40,000 Canadian workers endorsed him.

And on Thursday, Peter Julian, MP for New Westminster-Burnaby, former NDP leadership candidate and the party’s former House Leader, announced his support for Jagmeet Singh’s bid to lead the federal NDP.

Julian said: “I know how important it is to recruit new members for our movement to grow and for us to have an impact on the direction of the country. That’s why I’m supporting Jagmeet – he has attracted tens of thousands of new members to our movement.  In most parts of our country, including in Quebec, a substantial part of our membership comes from his effective approach to bringing new members into our party.”

He added: “We’ll need Jagmeet’s energy if we hope to defeat [Prime Minister Justin] Trudeau in 2019. When I compare Jagmeet to Trudeau and [Conservative Party Leader Andrew] Scheer, I know Jagmeet has already surpassed their fundraising and been competitive with their membership recruitment in their respective leadership runs. We’ll need Jagmeet’s ability to attract such a talented team to grow our party and to win in 2019.”

Julian said: “Jagmeet is a strong social democrat with a record of fighting for vulnerable communities. Whether it’s been fighting back on carding or standing up to temporary job agencies exploiting workers, or standing up to big insurance companies taking advantage of disenfranchised populations, Jagmeet has been there.”

He pointed out: “Jagmeet is a strong and committed New Democrat. He ran in a riding where we had never won, and has transformed that community into solid NDP territory. Jagmeet has demonstrated remarkable talent to communicate with diverse communities right across Canada.”

Jagmeet Singh said: “I am honoured to have Peter’s support. He is a lifelong New Democrat that has earned the tremendous respect of party members across Canada through tireless organizing and bridge-building.”

He added: “I have an incredible amount of respect for Peter. He is a long-time social justice and party activist that was key to building our party in 2011 and crucial to our success in Québec. He has selflessly organized for a better world since he was a teenager. It is a privilege to have Peter on our team.”





  1. I could not be more disappointed that Peter Julian has betrayed the environment and the economic progress we need with this endorsement. Especially after his very valid criticisms of Jagmeet’s lack of commitment to the environment in debates. The “he grows the party” narrative is manufactured by the same sources which have been promoting him and barely mentioning the other candidates. So of course if the establishment pushes only one candidate, that’s who people will know about and vote for. But I require more than platitudes and smiles, which is why I didn’t vote for Trudeau and why I won’t be volunteering or voting for Jagmeet.

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