EU mulls new guidelines to woo international students

The European Union is considering changing existing policies to woo international students to pick its member nations for education, a top diplomat said Friday.

Greek Ambassador Ioannis Raptakis said that the EU countries also wished India would make it easier for European students to come here for education.

“EU and member states recognized the problems of international students and the reasons why countries like the US, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and even China were fast becoming favorites for international students, including those from India,” he said.

“EU is trying to capture reforms as part of the Comprehensive European Migration Policy. The new proposals will make it easier for third country (non European, especially developing country) students and researchers to pick EU nations for further education,” the ambassador said. He was delivering a lecture organised by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs’s India Centre for Migration, in association with the European Union Delegation to India and Jawaharlal Nehru University.

The Greek envoy said his and many other countries realized they would have to consider and adopt new guidelines to make EU more attractive for students.

He said the major problems faced by the students include issues like the visa or residence permit being shorter than their courses, that family members cannot accompany them and curbs on mobility within the EU.—IANS